Post Storm Cleanup

Storm damage due to severe weatherSevere weather conditions can happen quickly, very often without warning. It can cause extreme damage to the trees on your property and make branches, limbs or entire trees fall. This can create a dangerous situation for you, your family and neighbors. Trees can fall on cars, through roofs of nearby buildings or cause damage to other trees.

The scope of destruction caused by downed trees, branches and debris can be horrific for the owners of homes and business and the process of cleaning up the site afterwards can be both complex and costly.

What Should You Do After A Storm?

When you suspect tree damage after a storm, it is important to make an immediate and through assessment of the damage, to make sure the correct safety precautions are put in place. If in doubt then you should leave the post-storm cleanup to professionals. For storm damaged trees, you should consider hiring certified arborists. Cleaning up debris very often includes using a chain saw, ladder or other dangerous tools and that is why this is a potentially dangerous undertaking.

When you hire Duluth Tree Services our team will provide timely, expert service and be sure to carefully clear up the debris, while doing our utmost to preserve the lives of any trees that have been damaged.

We will always respond instantly and will bring order back to your garden or the outside of your property. Regardless of season, we are ready to provide a professional clean up service so that you and your family are safe on your property.

Our qualified staff are experienced in handling these dangerous situations safely. No matter how bad the situation is, contact us and we will take care of it. Call us today at (470) 202-0604.